corporate governance

economic law

Corporate governance, Mergers and Takeovers, Holding Structures, International Cases, Project Support, Office for Competition and Consumer Protection, Legal Audit, Legal, Administrative and Arbitrary Proceedings
healthcare entity law

entity law

Set Up and Transormations, Complex ongoing service, Contracting and execution of agreements as well as solving litigations with National Health Fund. Health law and defense against compensation claims.
intellectual property law

property law

Authorial Inventive Designs, Trademarks and Issuance of Licenses, Business Secret, Acts of Unfair Competition, Protection of Personal Rights of Entrepreneur
The Law Firm operating in Rzeszow under the personal leadership of attorney Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada is a team of people who follow a certain mission and are focused on legal support for business ventures carried out by domestic and foreign investors operating through domestic and international businesses including those creating holding structures, presenting activity which was described in the column “The Profile of the Law Firm”.

Apart from the constant legal service for commercial law entities, including in particular limited liability companies, joint-stock companies, limited partnerships and limited joint-stock partnerships, our Law Firm constantly develops additional departments / ranges of activity which are derivatives of activities of the served entities like: health care law and proceedings in cases connected with medical malpractice, conducting cases connected with insurance activities, claim management services including conducting litigations about the amount of compensation as well as the intellectual property law including copyright and related rights.

We remain open to every challenge within the scope of Polish and European Law and our Team is always ready to provide services according to the philosophy Just in Time – highest quality in the best time.