Building Law

Building Law

The Law Office of Joanna Jakubowska – Zawady advocate provides comprehensive legal services also in the field of construction law, which regulates the activities related to the design, construction, maintenance and demolition of buildings with particular emphasis on the rules of operation of public administration bodies. The Law Firm puts emphasis on providing legal assistance to the participants of the construction process, which quickly and effective will allow us to achieve the intended goal – our activity includes both negotiations with the participants of construction proceedings, preparation / reviewing the terms and conditions of contracts, advice on fulfilling the provisions of the contract and its settlement.

The main tasks of our team include advising on the application of applicable laws, which also includes the preparation of documentation necessary to fully carry out the construction process. The team of our Law Firm analyses in detail the circumstances occurring in a given factual state and provides ongoing assistance in conducting both construction negotiations and individual activities resulting from the construction procedure – the Law Firm prepares, in particular, motions, appeals against decisions, complaints and cassation complaints.
Our Law Firm also provides services in the field of legal services related to
with construction law, but closely linked to civil and administrative law through the representation of both individuals and businesses, in particular:

  • investors;
  • developers;
  • contractors and subcontractors and construction workers;
  • material suppliers.
    The Law Office of Joanna Jakubowska – Zawady provides legal services to construction entrepreneurs and natural persons through:
  • legal audit of real estate and regulating the legal status of real estate (e.g. through entries in land and mortgage registers);
  • preparation of various types of agreements (including real estate lease agreements, real estate management agreements, execution and subcontracting agreements);
  • providing opinions on the submitted draft agreements with an indication of potential threats to the implementation of the investment;
  • active participation in the negotiation process;
  • representing the participants of the construction process during proceedings before the competent common and administrative court;
  • representing the participants of the process in the course of proceedings before the administrative authorities;
  • assistance during the process of obtaining a decision on zoning / land development conditions;
  • assistance during the process of obtaining a building permit / notification of construction works / construction;
  • assistance during the process of obtaining a building permit for the use of a building object;
  • legal assistance during the process of legalisation of construction arbitrage;
  • legal aid in the field of real estate division;
  • legal assistance in the area of seating and establishment of easements;
  • legal assistance in the recovery of overdue claims;
  • providing permanent legal services to construction companies

The law indicates many conditions and standards that must be met in order for the construction process to be properly completed. It should be pointed out that knowledge of construction law is essential for efficient and effective conduct of construction proceedings. Our team provides comprehensive support at every stage of the process of investment execution or purchase of real estate. Thanks to our experience and knowledge of the construction process itself, but also of negotiations and amicable forms of resolving disputes, our Law Firm offers advice in business relations with participants in the construction process.
Our team cooperates with many specialists whose daily activities are related to the construction process. Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada advocate’s office supports its clients at every stage of the construction process, including during the course of the dispute. In such a case, our team will comprehensively
and assesses the legitimacy of claims against our clients with full reliability and prepares proposals for action and solutions to the legal situation. Deciding to cooperate with our Law Firm you receive a guarantee of trust and reliability and reliability in operation, safety and high quality of the proposed services and unconventional approach to the legal issues encountered.