Copyright Law & Industrial Property Law
Copyright Law & Industrial Property Law

Copyright Law & Industrial Property Law

Law Office of attorney Joanna Jakubowska – Zawada also provides legal assistance in the area of ​​legal advice related to copyright and industrial property. Intellectual and industrial property law in its scope includes branches of copyright and industrial property rights. Copyright covers property copyrights and personal copyrights. These rights determine the artist’s relationship with the work, as well as property and non-property rights related to it.

Referring to the industrial property right, it should be noted that it mainly refers to inventions, utility and industrial designs and trademarks. The indicated areas of law are comparative to the branches of law such as copyright and related rights, industrial property law, property law, contract law or unfair competition law.

Protection of personal rights and image

Joanna Jakubowska – Zawada Law Firm specializes in legal issues regarding the protection of personal rights and image. It should be noted that, despite the fact that the protection of personal rights is protected by the provisions of the Civil Code, while the image is undoubtedly related to copyright and related rights, both categories can and should be treated jointly. Legal assistance of our Law Firm in this area covers both natural persons and business entities. Opposing violation of personal rights and image, our Law Firm takes all necessary actions to eliminate the violations. In the event of violations, we strive to remove their effects – we also take measures to obtain financial compensation for the violations made.


The most popular category of industrial property law is the trademark. A trademark is a sign that can be represented graphically (in particular: a word, drawing, ornament, color composition, spatial form, including the form of the good or packaging, as well as a melody or other sound signal if the sign can be distinguished in the turnover of goods of one enterprise from the goods of another enterprise. A trademark is a component of the enterprise’s assets and constitutes a basic element of the promotion of manufactured goods or services rendered.

Fighting unfair competition

Our Law Firm puts special emphasis on legal advice related to combating unfair competition. Unfair competition includes, first and foremost, activities such as: breach of business secret, dissemination of false information, misrepresentation as to the designation of the company and use of prohibited advertising.

Our Law Firm provides services related to both copyright and intellectual property law. These include in particular issues relating to:


  • udzielenia porady prawnej oraz sporządzenia opinii prawnej;
  • umów w zakresie majątkowych praw autorskich oraz umów licencyjnych, w tym ich przygotowanie, opiniowanie a także negocjowanie;
  • reprezentacji przed sądami powszechnymi w sprawach o naruszenie praw autorskich;
  • legal advice and legal opinion;
  • agreements in the field of property copyright and license agreements, including, inter alia, their preparation, opinions and negotiation;
  • representation before common courts in cases of copyright infringement;

Intellectual Property Rights:

  • legal advice and legal opinion;
  • contracts in the field of industrial property law and license agreements, including, inter alia, their preparation, opinions and negotiation;
  • representation before common courts in cases of violation of industrial property rights, in particular in disputes regarding registered violations  and unregistered trademarks;
  • representation before the Patent Office in connection with the registration of a trademark;

Fighting unfair competition:

  • misleading company names;
  • misleading designation of goods or services; false or fraudulent geographical indication of the goods or services;
  • imitation of products;
  • disseminating false or misleading messages about the entrepreneur or enterprise, its products or services, slander or dishonest praising;
  • inducing non-performance, improper performance or termination of the contract; obstructing market access;
  • the use of unfair or prohibited advertising;
  • breach of trade secret;
  • organizing avalanche sales;
  • bribery of a public official;