Establishment of companies

Establishment of companies

The Joanna Jakubowska-Zawady Law Firm provides advice and representation in setting up a business and provides services related to the process of creating entities – civil partnerships, partnerships and capital companies. Analyzing the intentions and objectives of the Clients, the Law Firm prepares solutions tailored to individual needs, including the selection of the most appropriate legal form for a given activity, represents the Client before competent authorities and courts, develops concepts and implements restructuring processes (merger, division, transformation) and liquidation.

Preparation of the instruments of incorporation

Legal entities are characterized by specificity of applied methods and tools, both in terms of implemented technologies, business strategies as well as internal relations and work organization. In order to maximally reflect the concept and philosophy of the assumed activities, the Law Firm prepares and provides opinions on founding documents, including contracts and articles of association, resolutions and regulations, taking into account personalized issues such as representation, management of company affairs, exercising the right of control by shareholders or inheritance of shares. Individualisation of legal solutions prepared for our Clients will allow us to adjust our ideas to the requirements of the commercial law and thus turn the plan into a real, well-functioning company.

Registration of commercial companies

Establishing a company is not only a well-prepared contract and personal and technical solutions, but also the completion of the necessary formalities in the registration of the company in the relevant register. The Law Firm prepares the required registration documents and represents Clients before the competent court in order to enter a new entity into the Register of Entrepreneurs of the National Court Register.

Registration of changes

Running a business, developing a company, amending regulations – all this is inseparably connected with changes in the company’s structure as well as in statutory obligations imposed on entities that need to be recorded in appropriate registers. Increasing and decreasing the share capital, selling shares, expanding the scope of business, appointing a proxy, changing the shareholder, choosing a new management board, changing the seat, establishing a branch – these are just a few examples from numerous cases where the company is obliged to register changes within the statutory deadline and failure to meet this obligation is subject to a sanction. The Law Firm provides services in preparing documentation, including agreements, protocols, statements, as well as reporting changes in relevant registers.

The Law Firm also provides services of a reminder of changes in legal regulations, which will cover a given entity, so that the solutions practiced in the company remain in accordance with the letter of law and at the same time fulfil their role in the current business activity.

Merger, division, conversion and liquidation

Business entities operating in the era of globalisation, and in particular market consolidation, face the possibility of transforming or selling their own business entity, acquiring another business entity or merging their own business entity with another business entity in their own portfolio or in various organisations.

Each of these events requires a thorough legal analysis and the preparation of specific documents affecting both the owners and the companies themselves. In carrying out the above mentioned processes, the Law Firm cooperates with tax and financial advisors, performs an analysis of the legal situation of interested enterprises, prepares the so-called Term Sheet (Outline of Key Conditions Required to Conduct the Process), defines the optimal path of legal proceedings along with the schedule of its implementation and implements the scenario agreed with the Client, which ends with signing final agreements and submitting changes to the relevant registers.