Legal Protection of Enterprises

Legal Protection of Enterprises

The Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada Law Office provides permanent legal services for enterprises providing comprehensive legal protection for entrepreneurs as well as providing ad hoc legal services consisting in solving a specific issue or representation in a dispute. Enterprises are an essential element of the domestic and foreign economy, while their existence, duties and rights are regulated by a number of provisions of law in the field of civil, criminal, administrative, tax or commercial law. The ability to navigate in the meanders of law, experience in servicing entrepreneurs and knowledge of threats to business allows the Law Firm to provide legal assistance taking into account the object of the Client’s activity, legal form and individual character of entrepreneurs, which in a reliable way translates into the effectiveness of legal protection and the possibility of its enforcement.

Protection of personal rights

The legal protection of personal rights regulated in the Civil Code applies in particular to legal persons and organizational units which, functioning on the market, are exposed to violations committed by other entities. The good name, reputation, inviolability of premises, correspondence secret, business secret and name of the company shall be considered as good personal legal persons. From the point of view of protecting the personal rights of the enterprise, it is important to ensure special protection by, inter alia, registering trademarks or patents and carrying out appropriate audits, such as Legal Audit and Compliance Audit, which will allow to diagnose the correct functioning of the enterprise, and after the implementation of the recommendations and recommendations of the Law Firm will allow to minimize the risk of infringement of its rights or infringement of the rights of other entrepreneurs by the Client.

In the event of a threat or violation of the entrepreneur’s personal rights, the Law Firm provides assistance in pursuing claims before the common court in the form of:

  1. demand that the unlawful act be brought to an end,
  2. request that the effects of the infringement be remedied,
  3. Request for a single or multiple statement of the relevant content and form,
  4. a request for the recovery of unduly obtained benefits,
  5. a claim for damages.

Protection of know-how

Know-how means technical, commercial, administrative, financial and other knowledge and experience of a technical, commercial, managerial, financial and other nature which are suitable for use in the activities of the undertaking in question or for the pursuit of the profession in question. Currently, know-how is one of the most important intangible assets, which allows an entrepreneur to build a significant competitive advantage, which means that despite the lack of a materialised form, it has a measurable economic value. This important element of the company’s functioning is to some extent protected by the Act on combating unfair competition as a business secret, taking into account that the know-how will include technical, technological and organizational information. In other respects, the know-how should be protected on a civil and commercial basis – by concluding confidentiality agreements, introducing confidentiality clauses, implementing control procedures for employees and other persons who have access to confidential information and creating procedures in the event of its disclosure.

Recovery of amounts receivable

The timeliness of payment by contractors for services rendered or goods delivered has a direct impact on the financial liquidity of the entrepreneur. It is therefore important that payments are monitored on an ongoing basis and that debts owed by debtors are effectively enforced. Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada Law Firm provides services on behalf of clients in the pre-litigation and mediation phase, as well as in payment proceedings before the competent common court, in clause and enforcement proceedings. If another entity asserts claims against your entity, the Law Firm enters into negotiations on behalf of the entrepreneur in order to ensure the best conditions and deadlines for repayment of debts, without exposing the enforcement proceedings to risk.

Trade, economic and civil law agreements

The conclusion of various contracts is an indispensable element of business activity – every entity is faced with commercial contracts, lease contracts, commission contracts, service contracts, contracts for specific work. The correctness of the formulation of contract terms, appropriate solutions and protection of the interests of the entrepreneur are just some of the elements to which special attention should be paid when concluding a contract. In order to meet the everyday reality of business entities and entrepreneurs, the Law Office of Joanna Jakubowska-Zawady provides assistance in drawing up commercial, business and civil law agreements, negotiations and analysis of these agreements, in such a way that the legal and actual interest of entrepreneurs is fully realized and protected by contractual provisions.