Medical Law || Legal Service for Healthcare Entities
Medical Law || Legal Service for Healthcare Entities

Medical Law
Legal Service for Healthcare Entities

Medical law is one of the areas of law that has a multifaceted impact on the legal everyday life of both private individuals and business entities. Extensive legal regulations, interdisciplinarity of the subject and the importance of the topic of human health and life, observance of patient rights, organization of healthcare and physicians’ responsibility make indispensable thinking about medicinal entities and patients with special legal care, taking into account legal, ethical and functional aspects.

Legal Service for Healthcare Entities

The Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada Law Firm provides professional and comprehensive legal advice in the field of medical law, service for medical entities operating in the public and private healthcare system, and representing people practicing medical professions at all levels of their activity.

Due to the dynamic changes taking place on the medical services market, the Law Firm mainly focuses its activities on creating safe and functional legal procedures for entities conducting medical activity, in particular:

  1. preparation of founding documents of a medical entity and individual medical practices,
  2. transformation, restructuring and liquidation of medical entities and individual medical practices,
  3. registration of entities performing medical activities,
  4. preparation of basic documents required for conducting medical entities and individual medical practices,
  5. preparing and providing opinions on internal documents related to the ongoing operations of the healthcare entity and individual medical practices, including preparation of model contracts for the provision of healthcare services and subcontracts – both from the ordering party and the subcontractor, medical equipment service contracts and supplies of medical materials, keeping, storing and sharing medical records and protecting patient`s personal data,
  6. legal support for medical entities in the process of contracting medical services, participation in negotiations, conducting appeal proceedings before the competent Provincial Branch of the National Health Fund, the Provincial and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  7. legal support and representing medical entities in public procurement proceedings at the stage of the tender / competition procedure and at the stage of the appeal procedure before the National Board of Appeal and competent courts,
  8. preparing, analyzing and negotiating contracts, including for providing health, cooperative, insurance services regarding clinical trials, representation when submitting notifications and notifications about medical devices,
  9. representation in matters related to liability for damage caused by a medicinal product or medical device,
  10. representing medical entities and doctors in proceedings before common courts, the Supreme Court, Local Government Appeal Colleges, Voivodship Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  11. defense of medical entities and doctors in proceedings related to a medical event and the so-called a medical error before the Provincial Commissions for Adjudication on Medical Events, common courts and the Supreme Court,

Audit of Healthcare Entities

As part of regular legal services and in the case of individual orders, the Law Firm conducts a Legal Audit and Compliance Audit of entities and companies conducting medical activity, under which it verifies all aspects related to conducting this type of activity, including in particular:

  1. documentation regarding the creation, registration and functioning of healthcare entities,
  2. documentation confirming compliance with specific requirements imposed by statutes and regulations,
  3. administrative issues related to the specificity of the medical entity’s operations,
  4. contracts for the provision of healthcare services concluded with the National Health Fund and subcontractors, employee documentation, including confirmation of the qualifications of the personnel.

Patient Rights Issues

Violations of patients’ rights are usually the starting point for matters related to the protection of personal rights, personal injury, harm or even criminal liability. Patient cases require special optics, experience and knowledge, in particular medical knowledge, which allows for real and effective representation before the Patient Rights Ombudsman, the Provincial Commission for Adjudication on Medical Events, civil and criminal courts.

The Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada Law Firm represents both medical entities and injured patients in professional liability proceedings, pre-trial proceedings, criminal preparatory proceedings and court proceedings, in particular through:

  1. analiza dokumentacji medycznej pod kątem zaistnienia tzw. błędu lekarskie,
  2. prowadzenie negocjacji i mediacji w sprawach dochodzenia roszczeń od podmiotów leczniczych,
  3. występowanie w sprawach o ustalenie zdarzenia medycznego do Komisji ds. Orzekania o Zdarzeniach Medycznych,
  4. występowanie w sprawach o przeprowadzenie postępowania przez Rzecznika Praw Pacjenta,
  5. przygotowanie zawiadomienia o podejrzeniu popełnienia przestępstwa oraz reprezentacja przed organami ściągania w postępowaniu przygotowawczym i przed sądem w postępowaniu karnym,
  6. przygotowanie pozwu o zapłatę i reprezentacja przed sądem w sprawach o odszkodowanie, zadośćuczynienie i rentę.
  1. analysis of medical records in terms of the occurrence of so-called medical malpractice,
  2. conducting negotiations and mediation in matters of pursuing claims from medical entities,
  3. requesting the determination of a medical incident to the Commission for Adjudication on Medical Events,
  4. filing in cases regarding the conduct of proceedings by the Patient Ombudsman,
  5. preparation of a notification of suspected crime and representation before collection authorities in preparatory proceedings and before a court in criminal proceedings,
  6. preparation of a claim for payment and representation in court in cases for damages, compensation and disability pension.