Corporate Governance

The Law Firm of Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada, acting on behalf of Clients conducts full, ongoing service for business entities from the idea, through the period of development and stabilization to the moment of making decision on finishing of particular enterprise. During this “life” of businesses we face the basic activities such as:

  • Preparation of documents,
  • Registration of the business in suitable state authorities,
  • Preparation and evaluation of internal documents associated with the ongoing activity of the enterprise, including preparation of draft agreements for particular spheres of the entrepreneur’s business,
  • Preparation of documents provided for by the Commercial Companies Code as well as participation in sessions of the Management Board, Supervisory Boards and Meetings of Shareholders,
  • Evaluation of Agreements transferred by entities or persons with whom the Client intends to cooperate or already cooperates,
  • Conducting the negotiations of contractual provisions on behalf of the Client,
  • Conducting the extrajudicial litigations on behalf of the Client,
  • Conducting and Representation of the Client in Common Courts, including the Supreme Court,
  • Conducting and Representation of the Client in administrative proceedings in front of Self-government Appeal Courts, Regional Administrative Courts and Supreme Administrative Court,
  • Conducting and Representation of the Client in cases within the scope of Public Procurements.
  • Pre-litigation and procedural vindication of the Client’s receivables

The above list is basic and concerns activities most often faced by us in our practice. Our resources however allow us to reach further and fully adapt our offer to individual expectations of the Client.