Healthcare Entity Law

The Law Firm of Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada focuses on legal issues associated with provision of health care services, both in public and private sector, by health care entities and doctors. The activity of Health Care Entities is a business which, apart from typical regulations regulating such business, is governed by additional, detailed legal regulations being part of the entire Polish health care system. The task of our Law Firm is to support persons and business entities intending to start the health care activity or to support the already existing health care entities through a complex, ongoing legal service from the idea, through the period of development and stabilization, to the moment of making decision on finishing conduct of the health care business. The role of our Law Firm defined in this way includes both conducting the issues within the scope of Corporate Governance, described in details in this column, and undertaking a number of extended activities specific for health care services, in particular:

  • Preparation of the founding documents for the health care entity and individual medical practices.
  • Registration of the health care entities and individual medical practices.
  • Preparation pf basic documents required for conducting of the health care entities and individual medical practices.
  • Preparation and evaluation of internal documents connected with an ongoing activity of the health care entity and individual medical practices, including the preparation draft agreements for providing health care services and subcontracts – both for the Ordering Party and the Subcontractor, service agreements for the medical equipment and deliveries of medical materials.
  • Preparation of drafts of individual, joint, internal and external medical documentation.
  • Medical documentation audits in terms of its compliance with Patient Rights Act and Decree regarding the types and range of medical documentation as well as the manner of its processing.
  • Legal and organizational audits in terms of the compliance of functioning of health care entities with the Act on medical Activity, Act on Health Care Services Financed from the Public Resources as well as secondary legislations to these Acts.
  • Legal support of health care entities with the process of contracting medical services, participation in negotiations, conducting appeal proceedings before the appropriate regional Department of the National Health Fund, Regional and Supreme Administrative Court.
  • Protection of Health Care Entities and Doctors in proceedings connected with a medical event at Regional Commissions for Ruling about Medical Events, in Common and Appeal Courts as well as the Supreme Court.
  • Representation of Health Care Entities and Doctors in administrative proceedings before Common Courts, including the Supreme Court, Self-government Appeal Courts, Regional Administrative Courts and Supreme Administrative Court.
  • Legal support and representation of health care entities in proceedings
  • In the case of awarding public procurement contract at the stage of tender/competition procedure and at the stage of appeals procedure before the National Chamber of Appeal and appropriate Courts.