Mergers and Takeovers

It is natural for every owner to develop the business. Every business entity operating in the age of globalization, and particularly in the age of consolidation of markets, has the possibility to transform or sell their business, buy another one or connect their own with another business within the frames of their own portfolio or other organizations. Each of these events requires a thorough legal analysis as well as preparation of specific documents having effect on both the owners and the businesses. Our task during the execution of the processes mentioned above is: cooperation with tax and financial advisors of the entrepreneur, conducting the analysis of the legal situation of the interested enterprises on the basis of which we prepare the so called Term Sheet (Outline of the Key Conditions required in order to conduct the process), determining the optimal legal procedure path together with the schedule of its execution as well as executing the scenario agreed with the client and ended with the signing of final agreements and reporting the changes to the suitable registers. Cooperation understood in this way allows to conduct the entire transaction in a secure way, in compliance with the expectations and creating a basis for developing a better economic position of our Clients.