Civil Law & Private International Law
Civil Law & Private International Law

Civil Law & Private International Law

The largest branch of law that deals with the Law Firm Joanna Jakubowska – Zawada is broadly understood civil law, the regulations of which accompany us in aspects of everyday life. As part of our legal assistance in the field of civil law, our Law Firm conducts proceedings both at the stage of amicable dispute resolution, which includes legal advice and legal opinions, by representation in court proceedings (both in litigation and non-litigious proceedings), as well as subsequent representation in the course of pending enforcement proceedings.

The main types of matters handled by our Law Office include:

Law of Obligations – Contract Law

Our team specializes in handling matters within the scope of contract law, in particular including:

  • compensation, including compensation for traffic accidents, fortuitous events, accidents at work, medical errors, related to dangerous products;
  • contracts – their conclusion, determination of existence / non-existence, performance of contracts, withdrawal from the contract, termination, arrangements related to its content and contractual penalties;
  • improper performance of an obligation;
  • unjust enrichment;
  • undue payment

Property Law

Our Law Firm also offers legal assistance in the field of property law. We deal in particular with issues such as:

  • real estate prescription;
  • issues regarding joint ownership and its abolition;
  • property rights disputes, including for handing over the item, restoring the previous state, abandoning the violation, remuneration for using the item (also without contract), violation of possession and its protection;
  • limited property rights, in particular use, easements (personal land, transmission), pledge (on movable property, with rights);
  • issues regarding the ownership of premises and the protection of tenants’ rights.

Inheritance law

The Law Firm run by lawyer Joanna Jakubowska – Zawada also provides legal assistance in the field of inheritance law, which includes broadly understood rights and obligations related to the death of their owner.

The Law Firm provides comprehensive assistance in conducting matters of inheritance law, in particular:

  • Inheritance proceedings – confirmation of inheritance acquisition and inheritance division;
  • Inheritance acceptance / rejection;
  • Reserves claims;
  • Statutory inheritance / Testament / Disinheritance;

Family Law

Family law is a special type of civil law that regulates family relationships – property and non-property, the existence and functioning of the family, as well as relationships within the family in relation to third parties. Our Law Firm conducts in particular proceedings regarding:

  • rozwód
  • alimenty
  • władzę rodzicielską
  • podział majątku
  • zniesienie współwłasności
  • divorce
  • maintenance
  • parental responsibility
  • division of assets
  • the abolition of joint ownership

Labor law

Our Law Firm also provides services in the broadly understood specialization which is labor law. Our team consists of specialists who based on acquired experience  and knowledge deal with issues in particular relating to:

  • entering and leaving the employment relationship; compliance with labor law;
  • the employer’s obligations towards the employee and the employee towards the employer;
  • doubts related to employment contracts of a particular type;
  • leave; protection of the employee in employment, with particular emphasis on protection against any actions aimed at violating the principles and rights guaranteed to the employee in relation to the employment relationship, as well as protection of the employee’s personal rights in employment;
  • employee negotiations.

In connection with our business, our Law Firm also provides assistance in summoning for a settlement attempt. Our team focuses in particular on the analysis of the facts presented, verification of evidence, preparation of the application and representation of the interested party before common courts.