Family Law & Inheritance Law
Family Law & Inheritance Law

Family law

Family law is one of the key areas of legal advice for the Joanna Jakubowska – Zawada Law Firm. Family law is a special type of civil law that regulates family relationships – property and non-property, the existence and functioning of the family, as well as relationships within the family in relation to third parties.

Our Law Firm conducts in particular proceedings regarding:


The Law Firm Joanna Jakubowska – Zawady specializes in particular in divorce proceedings, providing legal assistance to people from Rzeszów and the surrounding area. Our team offers support covering the entire divorce proceeding – the Law Firm team provides advice, support during mediation proceedings and representation during legal proceedings. Our team’s professional experience guarantees an unprecedented approach to the facts presented. Our office also provides discretion.


One of the categories related to the activities of the Joanna Jakubowska Law Firm – Zawada in the field of family law are issues related to maintenance. The maintenance obligation consists of activities that are designed to meet the needs of a person who is unable to support himself. This means a situation in which an entitled person may claim maintenance against an obliged person who must fulfill the indicated benefit. When deciding to initiate proceedings before a court, it should be remembered that when determining the amount of maintenance, the court will take into account two key factors: the legitimate needs of the rightholder and the property and profitability of the obliged entity.

Our team deals with:

  • awarding of maintenance
  • increase decrease of maintenance
  • annulment / termination of the maintenance obligation.

By deciding to cooperate with the Joanna Jakubowska Zawada Law Firm, you will receive comprehensive assistance in matters relating to maintenance claims. Our team has experience in handling matters related to maintenance claims, which greatly facilitates the course of the court proceedings.

Parental Responsibility

Attorney Joanna Jakubowska – Zawada also specializes in matters of parental responsibility. It should be remembered that as a rule, both parents are entitled to parental responsibility, each of them is obliged and also entitled to exercise it. This means that in important matters, a minor should be resolved jointly, and in the event of disagreement between the parents, the guardianship court will decide. It should also be remembered that the guardianship court may change the decision on parental responsibility and the manner of its exercise, which were contained in the judgment declaring divorce, separation, annulment of marriage or establishing the child’s origin. In addition, if the best interests of the child so require, the Court may order, in particular, suspension, limitation or withdrawal of parental authority of one or both parents.

Our team, based on both professional and experience and life, provides legal assistance related to parental authority not only at the judicial level, but also providing advice regarding the situation between parents and children.

Division of Assets

Our team also deals with matters regarding the division of property. Such cases are usually related to a divorce decree. It should be remembered, however, that the division can also be made on the basis of a contract or in court proceedings. The Law Firm provides assistance depending on the facts by developing a relevant contract, conducting negotiations or representing before a court in proceedings for the division of property assets. The scope of the Law Firm’s activities is not limited to the activities indicated above, but also includes preparation of documentation and assistance in determining the appropriate value of assets.

The abolition of joint ownership

The abolition of joint ownership may take place by concluding an appropriate type of contract or by initiating legal proceedings which will result in a court decision. In a situation where the co-owners agree on how to divide the property, the conclusion of the contract will be by far the fastest way to abolish joint ownership. Such an agreement can be concluded before a notary public. In the absence of an amicable solution to the situation and the abolition of joint ownership through a contract, it will be necessary to prepare an application, which must then be submitted to the competent court.

Our Law Firm provides legal assistance both in contractual and in the termination of joint ownership – members of our team participate in pre-trial negotiations of conditions and represent parties in court proceedings.