Legal Services for Companies
European Economic Law

Legal Services for Companies
European Economic Law

The full and ongoing legal service of enterprises in the law firm of advocate Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada consists in supporting the clients of the law firm, from the stage of an idea for a given business venture, through the period of development and stabilisation, to the moment of making a decision on the completion of a given venture. In the course of such a life of business entities, we encounter basic activities such as:

  • Preparation of founding documents.
  • Registration of activity in relevant state authorities.
  • Preparing and giving opinions on internal documents related to the current activity of an enterprise, including preparation of contract templates for particular spheres of the entrepreneur’s activity.
  • Preparation of documents provided for by the Commercial Companies Code, and participation in meetings of the Management Board, Supervisory Boards and Shareholders’ Meetings.
  • Providing opinions on the Agreements submitted by the entitys/persons with whom the Client intends to cooperate or is already cooperating.
  • Conducting negotiations of contractual arrangements on behalf of the Client. Conducting out-of-court disputes on behalf of the Client.
  • Conducting and representing the Client before common courts, including the Supreme Court.
  • Conducting and representing the Client in administrative proceedings, including before the Self-Government Appellate Commissions, Voivodship Administrative Courts and the Supreme Administrative Court.
  • Conducting and representing the Client in matters relating to Public Procurement.
  • Pre-court and litigation collection of client’s receivables.

Scope of legal services and advice

The above mentioned list is only of basic nature and concerns the activities which our law firm in Rzeszów most often deals with. However, the resources allow us to reach further and fully adjust our offer to the individual expectations of the Client, so that the legal service offered by our law firm is fully satisfactory.

Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada Law Office is located in Rzeszów at 55 Lwowska Street, 35-301 Rzeszów. The offer is addressed not only to local clients from the vicinity of Rzeszów, but also to entities from all over Poland. We have an experienced and qualified team at our clients’ disposal.