New Technology Law | IT Support
New Technology Law | IT Support
New Technology Law | IT Support

New Technology Law | IT Support

Business activity conducted within the technological sector is a special activity, with its own specificity and special legal environment.

Most companies in the technology industry are fast-growing startups, which means that it becomes necessary:

  • Legal regulation of relations between partners
  • Selection of an appropriate legal form of the business activity for shareholder settlements
  • Taking into account legal aspects related to obtaining financing in the form of a strategic investor or the sale of the implemented project in the future.
  • Securing the intellectual property contributed to the project, as well as that created as a result of the project.

There is no single business model for the new technology industry, there are no legal standards for this type of undertakings, it is very often the case that innovative IT and technology solutions are ahead of legislation. Therefore, this activity may be associated with many traps and requires individual legal solutions.

Regardless of whether your venture is still at the stage of idea, development or commercialisation, the Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada Law Office provides support for your business at the following levels:

  • Software development
  • Database systems / Big Data
  • Data Center
  • Data analysis and distribution
  • Software as a service (SaaS)
  • E-commerce
  • Digital & Social Media

We provide legal advice to e-commerce companies. We support online activities related to the sale of both products and services. We create the legal foundation for startups, as well as analyse and implement a new legal culture in already existing large projects. Thanks to our experience, our clients gain a significant general operational advantage, and also related to such issues as: distance selling, advertising and marketing, CRM strategy, competition law, customer complaints and dispute resolution.

If you represent any of the above mentioned areas of the IT industry, in addition to the general rules for each business activity, the following issues may concern you:

  • Intellectual Property Protection:
  • Trademark, Patent, Copyright Trade secret and company secret
  • Licence agreements
  • Privacy protection
  • Consumer protection
  • Protection of fair market practice
  • Protection of Fair Competition

The above issues, in particular copyright law, are not specified in established and applicable law. For example: despite the statutory definition of a “work” as defined by copyright law, this definition is so imprecise that, depending on the contractual regulations, almost everything can be considered a “work”, otherwise, as a result of incorrect contractual regulations, the rights to an obvious “work” will not be protected.

It will be a logical and correct step for every serious entrepreneur or creator moving in the field of new technologies to provide analyses and take appropriate actions to an attorney’s office and an expert in the field.