Intelectual Property Law

What is more, the Law Firm of Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada focuses, within the scope of its activity, on cases from the sphere of the broadly understood Intellectual property. The Intellectual Property Laws constitute a comparative law of following fields: copyright law and related rights, industrial property law, property law, contract law or law regarding unfair competition. These laws are associated with the activity of persons, entrepreneurs and enterprises and deserve special protection as they contribute to economic progress of societies. The Law Firm, on behalf of our Clients, in connection to possession of moral rights or copyrights, patents issued for inventions, protection rights for utility models, registration rights for industrial designs, protection rights for trademarks, conducts proceedings within the range of:

  • claims for abstention from infringement,
  • claims for removing the effects of violations,
  • claims for compensation resulting from the breach of copyrights,
  • claims for redressing the damage,
  • claims for proving the right or the lack thereof or the specified legal relationship