Real Estate Law
Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law

We are currently observing a significant increase in interest in related transactionswith the purchase or sale of real estate. More and more people decide to buy or sell them, which leads to many new issues related to the field of law. The dynamic development of the subject often causes numerous legal complexities, at which the help of a professional is necessary.

The Law Firm Joanna Jakubowska – Zawady provides full legal assistance also in matters related to real estate. Substantive support combined with experience and effective operation guarantee that the client will carry out commissioned cases with the greatest care and reliability. The activities of our Law Firm focus in particular on such issues as:

Audit and examination of the legal status of real estate Real estate due diligence

The values of owned real estate very often constitute the majority in total assets, therefore making all related decisions with real estate raises concerns and creates many doubts. In such a situation, it is crucial to carefully examine the legal status of the property.

Our Law Firm carries out a detailed legal audit, called legal due diligence, which involves a comprehensive analysis of the legal status of the property. Legal audit aims to minimize the risk associated with the purchase / sale of real estate. Conducting a legal audit by the Law Firm results in the preparation of a report in which perceived irregularities and methods of their elimination are presented. Our team will also indicate a proposal for further action that will be effective and safe at the same time.

Compensation for non-contractual use of real estate Transmission easement

Property ownership is protected on the basis of applicable law – constitutional and statutory. It should be noted that everyone who owns all or part of the property without the owner’s consent, knows that he is not its owner, is obliged to pay for the use of the thing and is responsible for its wear, deterioration or loss, is obliged also for the return of benefits collected (benefits obtained from the property). After performing a legal audit, our Law Firm evaluates all the actual circumstances that will affect the amount of compensation, if any. The legal actions and calculations carried out are aimed at determining the appropriate amount of compensation that our client could apply for. Our team provides full legal service from the start of the negotiation process, through a lawsuit and client representation.

Compensation for expropriation

The Law Firm Joanna Jakubowska – Zawady also conducts proceedings to recover property lost as a result of expropriation. however, it should be remembered that sometimes it is not possible to recover your property. In this situation, our Law Firm provides legal assistance in obtaining compensation to the greatest extent corresponding to the loss suffered. Experience in handling cases in the indicated scope shows that the main issue when awarding compensation for expropriation is not the issue of awarding compensation itself, and determining its amount, which usually does not correspond to the market price of the expropriated property. In this situation, our Law Firm prepares proposals for the next legal steps.

Liquidation of damage from property insurance

Kancelaria Adwokacka Joanna Jakubowska – Zawady also puts special emphasis on client support during the liquidation process of damage to property. The Law Firm provides legal support both at the time the damage occurs and until satisfactory compensation is obtained. The Law Firm’s legal assistance includes in particular: providing information on the stages of liquidation proceedings and preparing the steps necessary to initiate it, providing information on the preparation of relevant documents and representing the client directly before the insurer. Our team also supports the process of concluding the property insurance contract.

Development activities Real Estate Agreements

The team of the Law Firm also deals with development activities, which primarily involve representation of parties when concluding developer contracts, closely related to real estate transactions, in particular: sales, rental, lease, usufruct, easement, pledge and mortgage contracts, and construction contracts. In addition, we provide investors with legal support in purchasing and selling real estate.

Real estate donation / Cancellation of a donation

The team of the Law Firm attorney Joanna Jakubowska – Zawada also performs a professional analysis of the presented factual circumstances in terms of law in the event of initiating the process of making a donation of real estate or in the event of recovery of the donated real estate. The area of ​​the Law Firm’s activity focuses primarily on the correct and reliable preparation of the property donation agreement, as well as on representation and support in notarial activities.

Termination of joint ownership of real estate

If it is impossible to obtain the consent of all co-owners for the use / division of real estate, our team represents real estate owners, both during negotiations and at the stage of court proceedings regarding the division of real estate. The Law Firm also provides legal advice during the proceedings, which will help in making decisions regarding the division of real estate itself by determining whether it is necessary to physically divide the property, granting the property to one co-owner or selling the property.

Real estate prescription

Kancelaria Adwokacka attorney Joanna Jakubowska – Zawady also deals with matters related to the prescription of real estate. The area of ​​the Law Firm’s activities includes in particular consultancy, legal assistance in preparing an prescription application and assistance in preparing relevant evidence. Matters conducted by our team relate in particular to land, premises and buildings.

Legal services addressed to housing associations

Kancelaria Adwokacka advocate Joanna Jakubowska – Zawady also provides legal services to Housing Communities. The service may include permanent or one-off legal support consisting in the preparation of documents necessary for the implementation of specific legal actions, preparation and analysis of contracts, handling matters of the Housing Community both at the amicable stage and during ongoing court proceedings.