Another of the issues dealt with by Joanna Jakubowska-Zawada law firm is vindication. Debt collection includes a number of services which were developed on the basis of the existing cooperation of the Law Firm with business entities in connection with the necessity to take appropriate steps against unfair actions of contractors. As the practice indicates – overdue receivables are a problem of a huge group of entrepreneurs who seem helpless to maintain good relations with a non-payment partner. Acceptance of such behaviour very often leads to debts and losses on the part of entitled entities.
Our Law Office will help you to take appropriate steps to solve problems with dishonest contractors. The Law Firm fills in the legal service both
in the field of amicable/judicial recovery, as well as court and related proceedings
with the recovery of debts and, at a later stage, with the enforcement recovery of debts.

Arbitrary / extra-judicial collection

The first stage of debt collection is the amicable procedure, which aims to establish contact with the debtor in order to settle the case out of court by motivating the debtor to pay the outstanding debt resulting primarily from
from a contract between the parties. This is a stage that cannot be ignored because
If an action is necessary, the creditor will have to document an attempt to resolve the situation amicably.
Amicable debt collection avoids court proceedings and is beneficial to both the creditor and the debtor – it does not expose the parties to additional costs in the form of the costs of proceedings and will allow the debtor to avoid many negative consequences associated with initiating proceedings before the court. It should be mentioned,
that the earlier we start the collection process, the more our chances for a quick recovery of the funds owed to us and for the collection proceedings to be completed at an amicable stage increase. If the debtor wishes to settle the matter amicably, amicable debt collection allows us to explain the reasons for non-payment of the outstanding debt and, at the same time, to determine the terms of payment – the debtor may request that the debt be divided into instalments, that the payment deadline be extended and that interest be withheld. However, it should be remembered that the creditor is not obliged to agree to all the proposals presented by the indebted party.

Judicial/enforcement vindication

However, sometimes all out-of-court collection methods are exhausted due to the debtor’s unwillingness to resolve the dispute amicably between the parties.
In such a situation, an action must be brought before the competent court. Our Law Firm provides professional and full service in the preparation of documents necessary to file the claim in question and, at a later stage, also documents that will allow the initiation of enforcement proceedings with an appointed bailiff and directed against the debtor. It should be noted that enforcement proceedings are the most costly option for the debtor, as in addition to the payment of the debt, the debtor will also be obliged to cover both the costs of the process and the costs of enforcement proceedings.

It cannot be overlooked that debt collection is a process that requires comprehensive action. The collection process should be carried out in a thoughtful and precise manner, which will allow for quick and full recovery of the debt. The task of our Law Firm is primarily to provide professional assistance to business entities, which will allow for the recovery of debts from dishonest contractors, among others through:

  • Preventive services (preventive stamp, reminders);
  • Amicable vindication / pre-court vindication;
  • Mass debt collection;
  • Court debt collection – involving obtaining an enforcement title against the debtor and then burning him/her with the enforcement title in the so-called enforcement clause;
  • Assistance and support in the activities related to debt enforcement – including the preparation of a request for the initiation of enforcement and supervision of the enforcement process;
  • Legal assistance and support in cases against dishonest entrepreneurs in the field of commercial criminal law.